UK Orders First 3 Protector Drones in £65M Contract

UK Orders First 3 Protector Drones in £65M Contract – link

Source: Defence Talk

Article Headlines

  • Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has signed a £65 million contract to build the UK’s first three Protector aircraft
  • Protector is set to enter service by mid-2024
  • Its ability to fly consistently for up to 40 hours will offer the RAF vastly improved armed intelligence and reconnaissance sorties
  • Protector comes with enhanced data links and will carry next-generation, low collateral, precision strike weapons – the UK-made Brimstone missile (MBDA) and Paveway IV Laser Guided Bomb (Raytheon UK)
  • GA-ASI will build the first three Protector aircraft, plus three ground control stations and other associated support equipment
  • It also includes an option to build 13 more aircraft and four ground control stations, which will complete the current planned fleet of 16 aircraft, more than doubling the capability currently provided by Reaper

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