UVision's Hero-30 operational in the IDF

UVision Hero-30 Lethal Loitering Systems combat proven with Israeli army – link

Source: Army Recognition

Article Headlines

  • UVision reveals that its high-precision, light-weight man-pack portable Hero-30 system is already in use by various IDF units
  • The Hero-30 have been procured by the Israel MOD and put to operational IDF forces use, after proving its highly advanced capabilities in an extensive process of evaluation, tests and trials, meeting strict IDF technological and operational requirements
  • The Hero-30 incorporates a high level of precision attack and abort capabilities
  • These simple to operate systems allow front-line forces the ability to initiate the operation, as well as to respond to any enemy target or threat that arises and eliminate it with pinpoint accuracy
  • The Hero-30’s on the move advanced capabilities include striking targets with high precision of tracking and lock-on, a last- second-mission-abort and re-engagement for a second attack attempt or change of target
  • Its versatile installment configurations (man-packed, vehicle-mounted or stationary) make it perfectly suitable for diverse operational scenarios

Overview & Comments

  • UVision is a global leader in loitering munitions as the company’s focus is fully on loitering mission solutions
  • Its Hero family of products span across a wide spectrum of systems from the mini Hero-20, weighing only 1.8 kg, to large systems such as the Hero-1250 with a 30 kg warhead
  • Various global partnerships with UVision include Indian Aditya Precitech of India, Firstec of South Korea and Northrop Grumman in the US with previous reports of cooperation with Thales and Raytheon
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