Azerbaijan to purchase combat drones from Turkey

Azerbaijan to purchase combat drones from Turkey – link

Source: TRT World

Article Headlines

  • Azerbaijan has announced that it would purchase UAVs from Turkey
  • Speaking in a local TV broadcaster on the purchase of new weapons and military vehicles for the Azerbaijani armed forces, Defence Minister Zakir Hasanov Zakir Hasanov said his country sought to purchase Turkish-made combat drones
  • “Efforts in this direction continue. Now, we have results,” Hasanov said.
  • He underlined that “brotherly” Turkey had also provided financial assistance to Azerbaijan in the military field, adding that the Azerbaijani parliament had already approved an agreement for this.

Overview & Comments

  • Relying mostly on Israeli systems from all UAS categories, mini through MALE, the potential purchase of Turkish UAS, specifically by Azerbaijan, is a major milestone in the current market landscape’s potential shift of balance in UAS export
  • With the fall of oil prices Azerbaijan’s military expenditure has significantly dropped over previous years, thus the financial assistance mentioned above might potentially be a key drive
  • Turkey’s fast growing UAS industry is a one to be admired but more so should be followed closely
  • Only a decade ago the country was still buying & leasing systems from foreign countries while today there are two leading companies, Turkish Aerospace Industries and Baykar Makina
  • On the international market the Bayrakter TB2 was purchased by Ukraine & Qatar, in which it just recently entered service, while the Anka-S was recently ordered by Tunisia
  • It is also believed that the Turkish made Karayel MALE UAS was purchased via Saudi’s Intra Defense Technologies
  • Turkish systems are gaining valuable operational experience, mostly in Libya & Syria, with reports stating that the Bayrakter TB2 completed over 200,000 operational flight hours
  • Keep up to date with the up & coming Turkish UAS industry here at ABG-SCPortal – link
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