Turkey's Kargu loitering munitions to enter operational service

Turkey will launch hundreds of STM Kargu kamikaze drones in Syria and Libya – link

Source: Army Recognition

Article Headlines

  • The Turkish company Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade (STM) will supply the Turkish Ministry of Defense 356 units of Kargu loitering munitions, according to BulgarianMilitary.com citing a source from the Turkish Ministry of Defense
  • According to Drive magazine the Kargu can also operate in a swarm of up to 20 drones for the purpose of a massive attack, which “could give the Turkish troops a new opportunity, potentially changing the game.”
  • The Drive recalls that the first generation Kargu was introduced in 2017, and already in 2019 Kargu-2s were involved in operations on the Syrian-Turkish border
  • The publication notes that a 15-kg drone is able to fly at a speed of up to 145 km/h, fly for up to 30 minutes and be in the visibility range for the operator at a distance of about 10 kilometers
  • According to The Drive, the Kargu is equipped with three types of warheads: high-explosive fragmentation, thermobaric and cumulative
  • The drone can rapidly and effectively respond against stationary or mobile targets (i.e. vehicles, persons etc.) through its embedded real-time image processing capabilities and deep learning algorithms

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