HAPSMobile to flight test high-altitude, pseudo satellite HAWK30 in New Mexico

HAPSMobile to flight test high-altitude, pseudo satellite HAWK30 in New Mexico – link

Source: Flight Global

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  • HAPSMobile plans to flight test its high-altitude, pseudo satellite, the HAWK30, at New Mexico’s Spaceport of America
  • The flying-wing UAV is solar-powered and designed to stay aloft for six months
  • By flying in the stratosphere at about 65,000ft altitude, it is able to transmit cellular data over an area of about 3.1 million ha (7.8 million acres)
  • The UAV is being pitched as an alternative to cellular towers or communications satellites
  • The aircraft made its inaugural flight in September 2019 at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in Southern California
  • HAPSMobile is a startup that is majority-owned by telecommunications firm SoftBank of Japan and is minority-owned by UAV manufacturer AeroVironment of Southern California. AeroVironment builds the HAWK30 in Simi Valley, California
  • The New Mexico Economic Development Department is subsidizing HAPSMobile’s presence at the Spaceport with $500,000. A lease was signed in March 2020
  • Located in southern New Mexico, Spaceport America is already home to Virgin Galactic, AeroVironment and Up Aerospace. It is an FAA-licensed rocket launch complex surrounded by 1.5 million ha of restricted airspace
  • HAPSMobile says it plans to conduct low-altitude and high-altitude tests at the Spaceport America range

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