Seeker Mini UAS for the Spanish military

GMV supplies the Spanish MoD with systems of the RPAS Seeker – link

Source: sUAS News

Article Headlines

  • GMV has won a contract under the Spanish MoD’s RAPAZ program for the supply of four Class I Seeker RPASs, to be integrated into the intelligence units of the Paratrooper Brigade and the Tercio de Armada de Infantería de Marina (Marine Infantry Protection Force)
  • The UAS Seeker is an autonomous, rapid-deployment system developed by Aurea Avionics and supplied by GMV, providing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities over a 15-kilometer range with a 90-minute endurance and a weight of 3.5kg
  • Within this project, due for delivery by October 2020, GMV will be running the design and manufacturing activities as well as the various flight campaigns scheduled to before handover to the MoD

Overview & Comments

  • Other locally manufactured systems under trial within the Rapaz program are Unmanned Solution’s Altocan, SCR’s Atlantic & Tucan systems and Indra’s Mantis EQF
  • Spain’s UAS Inventory also includes – MQ-9 Reaper, Searcher 3, Orbiter 3, ScanEagle, Fulmar X, RQ-11, RQ-12 and the Black Hornet
  • Spain, of-course, is a main participant of the EuroMALE program
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