Armenian Army’s Air Defense System Shoots Down Azerbaijani Drone

Armenian Army’s Air Defense System Shoots Down Azerbaijani Orbiter 3 Drone – link

Source: Defense World

Article Headlines

  • Armenian Army’s 9K33 Osa surface-to-air missile system shot down an Orbiter 3 UAS used by Armed Forces of Azerbaijan
  • The Armenian Ministry of Defense released a video footage Monday showing the Orbiter 3 drone being destroyed by their 9K33M2 “Osa-AK” system over Artsakh on 22 April
  • The Orbiter 3 has a payload capacity of 5 kg with up to 7 hrs of endurance

Overview & Comments

  • Aeronautics’ newest member of the Orbiter family of products, the Orbiter 4, obtains a 12 kg payload capacity in multiple bays, combined with a proven 25-hour flight endurance, places the system a leading STUAS platform
  • STUAS platforms are gaining significant momentum as their flight performance & systems expand (i.e. endurance, payload capacity & SATCOM datalink) while still maintaining their relative advantage over larger tactical systems in performing almost identical missions with significant less logistic trails & overall costs
  • See “Orbiter 4 Performs 25 Hour Flight”
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