Octopus ISR Systems Introduces Epsilon 180 EO/IR

Octopus ISR Systems Introduces Epsilon 180 Airborne Surveillance Camera System – link
Source: SUAS News

Article Headlines

  • Octopus ISR Systems announced today that it has released the Epsilon 180, a more technologically advanced Full HD electro-optical, Mid-wave infrared, Laser Range Finder and Laser Pointer (EO/MWIR/LRF/LP) ISR payload
  • The newly launched imaging technology includes a Full HD 30x optical zoom, global shutter EO sensor, a 15x optical zoom MWIR sensor, laser range finder with up to 20km measuring range, and a laser pointer
  • The Epsilon 180 offers image stabilization performance of less than <50 uRad RMS
  • The ISR payload also integrates high-performance Inertial Navigation System (INS), a high-precision, fully integrated solution for geopointing and real-time target geolocation
  • The system features a sealed structure filled with dry gas, enabling it to operate in any weather conditions
  • The Epsilon 180’s advanced magnesium structure without any 3D parts is optimized to handle harsh conditions including shock and rapid acceleration
  • The payload can be installed in either nose or belly-mounted positions, offering installation design flexibility for the integrators

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