Trillium Engineering tests new HD55 gimbaled camera system for tactical drones

Trillium Engineering tests new HD55 gimbaled camera system for tactical drones – link
Source: SUAS News

Article Headlines

  • Trillium Engineering announced that it has begun airborne testing of its lightweight, high-definition HD55 system
  • Designed for use on Group 2 and smaller Group 3 UAS, the new HD55 employs electro-optical (EO) and cryogenically cooled mid-wave infrared (MWIR) cameras, as well as an onboard image processor – all in a gimbal just 5.5 inches in diameter and weighing 1750 grams
  • The HD55 replaces the end-of-life HD50
  • The new and improved HD55 will have the same swept volume as its predecessor but will be slightly lighter and more capable than the HD50
  • Trillium personnel have been flight testing the HD55 on various airborne platforms, including a small multi-rotor drone and a manned Cessna aircraft, which serves as a surrogate for a fixed-wing tactical UAS. The next step, say company officials, is to begin testing on the real thing

Overview & Comments

  • Small UAS systems (Group 1-3) are on the rise as their flight performance parameters are enabling them to carry larger payloads for longer flight endurances
  • The payload will enable Group 2-3 UAS to carry a smaller EO/IR while maintaining the same mission capabilities thus it will not sacrifice endurance and will allow allocating precious weight for other requirements
  • In average, Group 3 EO/IR payloads weigh 3-4 kg, thus the additional (of up to 2.25 kg) are equal to a second payload (SIGINT, Comm Relay etc.), advanced datalinks such as SATCOM and more
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