IAI Contract for Heron UAS Lease for Greece

Greek border defence to be supplemented by Israeli drones – link

Source: Defence Web

Article Headlines

  • Israel will lease UAVs to Greece to defend its borders including an option to buy the system
  • Under the deal, Israel’s Defence Ministry will lease the Heron UAV system, made by state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries for three years
  • It will be used by Greece primarily for border defence, the Israeli ministry said in a statement, adding security relations between Israel and Greece were expanding

Overview & Comments

  • The UAS leasing and services market is on the rise as an alternative to buying a system, with emphasize on the US market
  • As general MALE sales were already on a slight decline the current Covid-19 will undoubtedly affect the market in the foreseen future
  • Security oriented agencies such as EMSA, Frontex and the UN employ MALE systems in such a manner
  • IAI has extensive experience with military UAS leasing which includes Germany, for both the Heron 1 and the larger Heron TP, France via Airbus and Canada & Australia which have ceased their Heron operations with the decline in activity in various theatres
  • See “Germany Extends Heron Lease for $41M” 
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