DARPA awards contract to Dynetics for automated aerial dogfighting

DARPA awards contract to Dynetics for automated aerial dogfighting – link

Source: Defence Blog

Article Headlines

  • DARPA is working on a program called Air Combat Evolution (ACE) to make automated dogfighting a reality
  • The Pentagon’s research is focused to automate air-to-air combat, which would free pilots to concentrate on the larger air battle creating a human-machine team
  • As part of program, Dynetics, Inc., has been awarded Phase 1, Technical Area 3 (TA3), by the DARPA Strategic Technology Office (STO)
  • ACE TA3, also known as Alpha Mosaic, is valued at $12.3 million
  • The ACE program is using aerial dogfighting as the initial challenge scenario for implementing artificial intelligence (AI) into high-intensity air conflicts, which intends to increase warfighter trust in combat autonomy. Similar to how the United States military trains fighter pilots, ACE performers will work to increase trust in automated, within-visual-range, air-to-air dogfighting. As algorithms and tactics mature, so will the scenarios and adversarial capabilities
  • During the 18-month Phase 1 award, Dynetics will leverage program advances in automated dogfighting to enable operational-level scenarios with a large number of heterogeneous aircraft
  • By improving the algorithms and tactics developed within ACE, TA3 will lay the groundwork for future live, campaign-level experimentation of manned and unmanned vehicles
  • The program consists of three phases. Phase 1 begins research in a simulated environment. Phase 2 advances to a flight environment using unmanned air vehicles. Phase 3 includes a realistic, manned-flight environment involving complex human-machine collaboration

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