The Army is moving forward with its electronic warfare pod

The Army is moving forward with its electronic warfare pod – link

Source: C4ISR Net

Article Headlines

  • The Army has moved the Lockheed Martin-made electronic warfare pod to the build and evaluation phase of the operational system, as it bolsters its electronic warfare capabilities
  • The second phase agreement is worth nearly $75 million, according to the Consortium Management Group’s Jan. 30 award listing, which made the award on behalf of the Army
  • Lockheed Martin’s electronic warfare pod, known as the “Air Large” piece of the Army’s Multi-Function Electronic Warfare family of systems program, is mounted on an MQ-1C
  • It provides commanders with jamming capabilities as well as electronic support, or sensing of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • The company developed a prototype as part of the first phase of the project it won in January 2019 under an $18 million contact
  • Army officials plan to have the capability deployed to combat aviation brigades in 2022
  • The pods are expected to play a critical role on the battlefield with near-peer adversaries, such as Russia and China

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