Iran to Deploy Fortros MALE UAV – Resembling IAI's Heron

Iran to Deploy Fortros Drone – link

Source: UAS Vision

Article Headlines

  • In an interview with Tasnim Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Ground Force’s Drone Division Colonel Akbar Karimloo said that his forces will be receiving the Fotros drone from the Defense Ministry ‘in the near future’
  • Following extensive meetings with the Defense Ministry and evaluation of features of the homegrown drone, the IRGC Ground Force’s Drone Division has decided to utilize Fotros in operational zones, he added
  • The Fotros is a large multipurpose drone capable of engaging in reconnaissance and combat operations, with an operational range of up to 2,000 km and an endurance time of up to 30 hours
  • The drone is said to have a 7,600 meter flight ceiling, and the ability to be armed with precision-guided air-to-surface missiles or anti-tank missiles
  • Fotros” (Petros or Peter) is the biggest strategic drone built in Iran

Overview & Comments

  • Iran’s UAS fleet is mostly based, at least regarding their external features, on local manufactured versions of other, usually western, systems with various reverse engineering mainly from platforms that have found their way to Iran from the different Middle Eastern theatres or other sources
  • The Shahed 129, Iran’s backbone, most operational system, resembles the Hermes family of products (450 and the 900)
  • The Yasir resembles the RQ-21, the Mohager-6 looks similar to the Falco and the new Fotros very much resembles the Heron
  • The Simorgh is based on the RQ-170 that appeared in Iran in December 2011
  • For more information regarding Iran’s UAS developments contact ABG-SC
  • See “Iran unveils armed ababil-3 UAV” 
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