Iran unveils armed Ababil-3 UAV

Iran unveils armed Ababil-3 UAV

Iran unveils armed Ababil-3 UAV – link

Source: Jane’s

Article Headlines

  • Iran now has armed versions of its Ababil-3 UAV, which was revealed during an 18 April ceremony held to mark the delivery of three types of unmanned aircraft to the military
  • The Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics released photographs showing a hangar at the Aerospace Industries Organisation facility in Isfahan with 11 Ababil-3s, one of which was carrying a television-guided munition on a hardpoint under a wing
  • This appeared to be a member of the Ghaem family of small-guided bombs that has previously been seen on Mohajer-6 UAVs
  • Iranian television showed an Ababil-3 with a different livery apparently carrying out a precision air strike against an old tank using a munition labelled as a Ghaem
  • The two other types of unmanned aircraft were identified as the Karrar and the ‘multi-role jet’

Overview & Comments

  • Iran’s UAS fleet is mostly based, at least regarding their external features, on local manufactured versions of other, mostly western, systems with various reverse engineering mainly from platforms that have found their way to Iran from the different Middle Eastern theatres or other sources
  • The Shahed 129, Iran’s backbone, most operational system, resembles the Hermes family of products (450 and the 900)
  • The Yasir resembles the RQ-21, the Mohager-6 looks similar to the Falco and the new Fotros very much resembles the Heron
  • The Simorgh is based on the RQ-170 that appeared in Iran in December 2011
  • For more information regarding Iran’s UAS developments contact ABG-SC
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