FLIR announces first order for Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System

FLIR announces first order for Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System – link

Source: Army Recognition

Article Headlines

  • FLIR Systems announced that the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment has procured one of the company’s Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance Systems (VRS) as part of an innovative base protection program
  • The order represents the first sale of an integrated VRS system for FLIR
  • The Norwegian defense Research Establishment (FFI) is the prime institution responsible for defense-related research and development in Norway
  • FLIR Black Hornet VRS equips armored or mechanized vehicles with an immediate, self-contained surveillance and reconnaissance system
  • Adapted from the Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS), VRS extends the capabilities of the award-winning Black Hornet nano-UAV
  • The launch unit, with fully integrated controls inside the vehicle, mounts externally and can deploy up to four Black Hornet drones. The result is a remotely operated UAV system that delivers real-time situational awareness while crews stay protected inside their vehicle

Overview & Comments

  • The Black Hornet is operated in 34 countries, according to company sources, which includes the US, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, France, Norway & Germany
  • Weighing just 33 grams the nano UAV can fly up to 25 minutes with over a one km of range

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