GA-ASI Installs New MQ-9 Mission Trainer at its Flight Test and Training Center (FTTC)

GA-ASI Installs New Predator Mission Trainer at FTTC – link

Source: ASD News

Article Headlines

  • GA-ASI has installed a new Predator Mission Trainer (PMT) at its Flight Test and Training Center (FTTC) in Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • The aircraft flight simulator, produced by CAE, will be used to train operators of MQ-9 Block 5
  • The PMT provides very high-fidelity training across the full spectrum of mission training, allowing GA-ASI to update its syllabus to rely more heavily on simulator training and reduce potential airspace and weather impacts

Overview & Comments

  • Of-course, as UAVs are remotely operated and there are no physical elements affecting its operators, such as G forces and various maneuvering sensations, almost all the technical elements can be trained on the simulator – system operation & emergency procedures
  • With the appropriate investments and adjustments many advanced mission scenarios can be practiced as well. For example, connectivity to mission simulators from other realms such as manned aircraft, ground and sea based platforms
  • As the UAVs mission capacity is in a rapid growth worldwide, aside from reducing potential airspace dilemmas and overcoming weather limitations, the growing use of capable simulators will mainly assist in easing the strain on mission capable assets

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