Malaysia receives first batch of ScanEagle UAVs

Malaysia receives first batch of donated ScanEagle UAVs from US – link

Source: Jane’s

Article Headlines

  • Malaysia has taken delivery of the first 6 of 12 Insitu ScanEagle 2 UAVs – along with associated equipment – that were gifted by the United States under Washington’s Maritime Security Initiative (MSI) program
  • The first batch of platforms and equipment was delivered in late February. The remaining six UAVs are expected to be handed over in 2022
  • The package includes training and maintenance and the ability to operate the UAVs for up to 2,000 hours for the duration of the program
  • All 12 ScanEagles are to be operated by the Royal Malaysian Navy’s (RMN’) 601 Squadron, which was stood up in November 2018

Overview & Comments

  • The Pentagon announced in June 2019 that Malaysia was getting a total of 12 of 34 ScanEagle units ordered from Insitu
  • The contract also covered UAV deliveries to Indonesia (8 UAVs), the Philippines (8 UAVs) and Vietnam (6 UAVs)
  • Recently Indonesia approved its plan to receive their ScanEagle UAVs – See “Indonesia approves plan to receive ScanEagle UAVs”
  • Just recently Insitu was shortlisted to the final four companies chosen for the Land 129 Phase 3 tender for the Australian Army – See “Australia reveals the four shortlisted companies for Land 129”
  • In late 2019 Brazil had also purchased the ScanEagle – See “New customer for Insitu’s ScanEagle”
  • In 2018 Insitu introduced the Scaneagle 3 with a dual payload capability, a max capacity of 9.1 kg, a gross takeoff weight of 36.3 kg and a potential of up to 18 hrs of endurance

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