Augmented reality for the MQ-9 & ScanEagle

US Air Force awards Edgybees contract for Argus augmented reality software – link

Source: Jane’s

Article Headlines

  • The US Air Force awarded Edgybees a contract for the company’s Argus augmented reality (AR) software solution
  • Argus will be integrated with the service’s systems to improve situational awareness in complex operational scenarios
  • This follows a round of contracts awarded to Edgybees by the AFWERX small business initiative at the end of 2019, including a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 2 contract
  • SBIR Phase 2 awards are competitive contracts that enable small businesses to explore their technological potential within the defense sector and beyond
  • Argus will provide commanders detailed insight into operational environments by augmenting live video footage with layers of precise, real-time geospatial information
  • Argus can also be used with thermal imaging, full motion video (FMV), and synthetic aperture radar (SAR)
  • Edgybees is working with the USAF to put Argus to work for many of the service’s UAVs, including the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (GA-ASI) MQ-9
  • Argus will also be used with Insitu’s ScanEagle Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC)

Overview & Comments

  • Situational awareness is key for a UAS crew in order to best make the needed decisions in real time
  • The advancements in various technologies have assisted UAS operators in better executing the mission at hand but of-course do not reduce their responsibility
  • There are numerous debates worldwide regarding the rising role of UAV systems from a moral point of view, especially with regards to armed systems & automation
  • Unfortunately, most arguments against the use of drones originate from not fully understanding the UAS crews’ responsibility and their full control over the system. See “Germany rejects armed UAS”

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