Australia reveals the four shortlisted companies for Land 129

Finalists shortlisted for Army’s LAND 129 Phase 3 program revealed – link

Source: Defence Connect

Article Headlines

  • The four down-selected companies are: Insitu Pacific; Leidos Australia; Raytheon Australia; Textron Systems Australia
  • As part of the LAND 129 Phase 3 program, the army is looking for a capability to replace the SHADOW 200’s current capability set, which includes EO/IR stabilized imagery, communications relay payload, laser designation, electronic line-of-sight communications and advanced simulation
  • As part of its efforts to expand its TUAS capabilities, the army is looking for the new capability to include more advanced modular payloads, encrypted communications, a reduced equipment footprint, runway independent operations, quieter operations, operations in more classes of airspace (apart from military restricted airspace), increased environmental operating envelope and increased connectivity and networking in the battlespace
  • The next phase of the project will focus on a competitive evaluation of more comprehensive tendered solutions from the four primes, prior to progressing the project to government consideration in 2021

Overview & Comments

  • While Insitu’s and Textron’s relevant systems are known most likely Leidos and Raytheon will serve as the prime contractor’s for systems from other companies as that will be clearer in due time
  • In parallel, in the US, under the FTUAS project which also aims to replace the RQ-7, the operational evaluation is set to begin shortly – See “Army announced which combat units will operationally test the FTUAS shortlisted systems” 
  • The companies shortlisted in the US are Textron, L3 Harris, Arcturus & Martin UAV
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