Ukraine Unveils New RAM Loitering Munition

Ukraine Unveils New RAM Loitering Munition – link

Source: UAS Vision

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  • Ukraine has unveiled a new lightweight catapult-launched loitering weapon system, dubbed RAM
  • Developed by Ukrainian company CDET, RAM was jointly showcased by Ukraine’s Spetstekhnoexport and the UAE’s International Golden Group at the recent UMEX 2020 show held in Abu Dhabi
  • Designed for both attack and reconnaissance missions, the munition can be equipped with three modular variable weight (2 to 4 kg) warheads: a high-explosive fragmentation warhead with 150 submunitions (designed for engaging infantry in the open, and soft-skin vehicles in a 45 m² radius); a thermobaric explosive device (intended for destruction of field installations in a 15 m² radius); and a high-explosive anti-tank warhead with an armour-piercing capability of 40 mm
  • Powered by an electric engine with a low acoustic signature, the RAM loitering munition has a launch weight of between 8-10 kg, a wingspan of 230 cm, a maximum operational range of 30 km, and a top speed of 50 kph. The munition has a loitering duration of 30 minutes with a 4 kg warhead, 60 minutes with a 2.5 kg warhead, and 150 minutes in a reconnaissance configuration

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