UAV Microturbine Engine Runs on Natural Gas

UAV Microturbine Engine Runs on Natural Gas – link

Source: UST

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  • UAV Turbines, a developer of microturbine propulsion engines for UAVs, has announced that its Monarch 5 turboshaft engine can now run on natural gas, in addition to all types of heavy fuels including jet fuel
  • The fuel flexibility of the Monarch 5, coupled with its light weight, portability and reliable power generation capacity, make it ideal both for unmanned aircraft propulsion as well as ground emergency and standby power generation for both onsite and remote-area applications
  • Fred Frigerio, UAV Turbines’ Senior Vice President of Engineering, commented: “A major feature of our gas turbine engines is that they operate with safe-to-handle heavy fuel such as Jet A and a wide variety of other fuels
  • With minor engineering changes, the Monarch 5 engine can adapt to several different clean energy fuel sources such as natural gas and hydrogen. Both are clean-burning fuels, with little or no output of greenhouse gases. Sustainable and clean energy sources are becoming more important for applications in various environments served by UAV Turbines’ new micro-turbogenerator product line.”

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