First Export Contract for Turkey's Anka-S

Tunisia orders Anka-S UAVs from Turkey – link

Source: Defence Web

Article Headlines

  • Tunisia has ordered Anka-S UAVs from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) in the company’s first export order for the type
  • Last year TAI and Baykar Makina were bidding to supply the Tunisian military with unmanned aerial vehicles
  • In December 2019 it was reported that TAI ended up being the sole contender for the armed UAV contract, with negotiations underway
  • A deal for six Anka-S aircraft was finalized in January after a visit by Turkish President Recep Erdogan in December
  • The deal apparently covers three systems comprising two aircraft each and a ground control station worth some $80 million

Overview & Comments

  • Turkey’s fast growing UAS industry is a one to be admired but more so should be followed closely
  • Only a decade ago the country was still buying & leasing systems from foreign countries while today there are two leading companies, Turkish Aerospace Industries and Baykar Makina, which their MALE systems are fully operational
  • On the international market the Bayrakter TB2 was purchased by Ukraine and Qatar
  • Before securing the contract above, TAI was already aggressively marketing its Anka system to potential users such as Indonesia and other South Eastern Asian countries and almost sealed a contract in Egypt before the last change in regimes
  • See “The Akinci – Turkey’s largest UAV takes flight” 
  • See “New Turkish large UAV to enter service in 2020” 
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