Orbital UAV appointed primary engine supplier to Boeing supplier Insitu

Orbital UAV appointed primary engine supplier to Boeing supplier Insitu – link

Source: SUAS News

Article Headlines

  • Orbital UAV is pleased to announce it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Insitu designating Orbital UAV as the primary supplier of two Insitu designed engines
  • The two engine models form part of Orbital UAV’s current Long Term Agreement (“LTA”) with Insitu and were previously part of a multi-source award
  • Orbital UAV’s designation as primary supplier pursuant to the MoU means that the company will be: 1. the sole source supplier for the Insitu designed engine currently in production; 2. the sole source supplier for the second Insitu designed engine which is currently in development; and 3. as primary supplier, Insitu will approach Orbital UAV for the purposes of fulfilling all demand requirements
  • Where both parties agree that Insitu’s demand requirements cannot be totally fulfilled by Orbital UAV, Insitu may approach another party to assist meeting total demand
  • Primary supplier status will increase Orbital UAV’s share of Insitu designed engine orders and provides the Company with opportunities to increase production volumes under the LTA. The award supports the Company’s decision to locate Orbital UAV’s new production facility in Hood River, Oregon and provides incentive for further investment in production capacity

Overview & Comments

  • Orbital UAV sees the small-tactical market as a strategic niche within various UAS categories
  • In October 2019 the company announced successful testing, in conjunction with Insitu Pacific, of its Modular Propulsion System
  • The Modular Propulsion Solution and its derivatives have been developed to provide tactical UAVs with a flexible, versatile solution that can be adapted to meet changing customer requirements without losing rapid deployment capability

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