US military loses MQ-1C UAV in Niger

US military loses MQ-1C UAV in Niger – link

Source: Defence Web

Article Headlines

  • A US military MQ-1C Grey Eagle has crashed in Niger, after suffering what Africa Command said was a mechanical failure
  • Africa Command said it lost a UAV in the vicinity of Agadez, Niger, on 29 February. “Our initial and current assessment is that the RPA was lost due to mechanical failure,” the command said
  • Photos shared on social media showed the aircraft with US Army markings
  • At least one Hellfire missile survived the impact and was photographed as well

Overview & Comments

  • The previous released mishap occurred in August 2019 in which a MQ-1C crashed on Iraq due to a mechanical problem. The UAV was relatively intact when recovered
  • In general, the system experienced 54 mishaps from 2011 to 2017, and 35 of them were Class A according to a 2018 report

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