UAVOS, KACST Developing Flight Control System for Multi-Mission, Multi-Domain UAS

UAVOS, KACST Developing Flight Control System for Multi-Mission, Multi-Domain UAS – link

Source: AUVSI

Article Headlines

  • UAVOS and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in Saudi Arabia are collaborating on the scientific research and development of the Flight Control System (FCS), which is designed to fit and leverage multi-mission, multi-domain UAS platforms
  • UAVOS and KACST have created a Saker-1B MALE UAS. More than 500 hours of day and night test missions under various weather conditions have confirmed the drone’s specifications. In total, 1,000 hours of take-off and landing test missions have been successfully performed, with the long endurance flights lasting up to 19 hours
  • UAVOS notes that the UAS is equipped with a satellite communication data link for Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) operation
  • UAVOS and KACST have collaborated on the development of Flight Control System capability for UAS for 10 years
  • The R&D partners have finished performing the flight tests of their UAS in Saudi Arabia to verify easy and fully autonomous online and offline operation of the UAS from takeoff to landing
  • The Saker-1B performed several heavy weight landing tests with the maximum weight (MTOW) of 2,500 pounds

Overview & Comments

  • In IDEX 2019 a KACST led team has revealed details of a long range, heavy & armed UAS with partners from South Korea, US, and Ukraine
  • Other regional MALE manufacturers include UAE’s Adcom Systems whose Yabnoun system was spotted in Algeria
  • Recently Indonesia has joined a quickly growing group of countries indigenously developing MALE systems – US, Israel, China, France, Italy, Turkey, UAE, South Africa, India, Taiwan and more – See “Indonesia unveils prototype of indigenously developed strike-capable UAV” 

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