China reveals the Dragon JH-1 VTOL UAS

UMEX 2020: BGIX reveals further details about its Dragon JH-1 VTOL UAV – link

Source: Jane’s

Article Headlines

  • Chinese company BGIX has revealed further details about its Dragon JH-1 VTOL UAV
  • The Dragon JH-1 was being marketed as a multi-role UAV for use in a variety of missions, including monitoring, surveillance, border patrol, and counter-insurgency operations
  • The UAV, which can fly at a top speed of 225 km/h and has a flight ceiling of 3,000 m, and is stated to have an endurance of 3 hours
  • The platform, which weighs 550 kg, has a maximum payload of 180 kg and can carry different weapons, including bombs and a variety of laser and/or infrared-guided missiles, along with surveillance and reconnaissance equipment

Overview & Comments

  • The system is another show of China’s advancements over the years in manufacturing UAS systems
  • The size of this UAV shouldn’t come as a surprise as China introduced systems in most categories
  • Recently unveiling the GJ-11 with supposed stealth capabilities
  • The Chinese rise in UAS export is a fascinating issue as it is an issue worth researching in depth as Chinese systems are quickly filling the gap in leading markets over other, up-till-date, industry leaders, especially American & Israeli systems
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