MQ-1C uses COMINT, SAR to target ground-based emitters

MQ-1C uses COMINT, SAR to target ground-based emitters – link

Source: Flight Global

Article Headlines

  • A GA-ASI MQ-1C Gray Eagle Extended Range (GE-ER) has used two sensors to identify and localise emitters on the ground to produce targeting data
  • The work took place at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona on 30 January, and was part of a series of internally funded demonstration flights
  • During the flight, the GE-ER identified emitters with Communications Intelligence (COMINT) payload while operating at 25,000 feet, cross-cueing the on-board Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to produce precision coordinates sufficient for targeting within minutes
  • The COMINT payload was the L3Harris Nino COMINT system, while the SAR used was GA-ASI’s Lynx system
  • The aircraft was controlled by GA-ASI’s laptop-based command and control system
  • During the demonstration the aircraft also carried a pair of Area-I Altius-600 Air Launched Effects (ALEs). A subsequent test this summer will see the ALEs launched and controlled by the GE-ER

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