Rafael introduces new small wide area persistent surveillance payload

Singapore Airshow 2020: MicroLite brings persistent surveillance to small UAVs – link

Source: Shepherd

Article Headlines

  • Rafael Advanced Defense Systems used the Singapore Airshow to unveil the MicroLite lightweight EO/IR sensor, which offers new capabilities for airborne wide-area persistent surveillance missions.
  • Developed for smaller UAVs and other aerial platforms, the MicroLite allows an operator to continuously monitor a large area while also being able to focus on specific targets of interest
  • The MicroLite has been integrated onto the Aeronautics Orbiter 4 UAV to begin flight tests
  • The MicroLite weighs 11kg
  • The new technologies had been developed to allow the sensor to continuously monitor a large area but at the same time also enable high-resolution tracking and investigation of multiple targets.
  • The MicroLite has the option of being equipped with a laser designator, while the system also includes onboard data processing and storage unit for real-time image processing

Overview & Comments

  • In 2019 Rafael officially acquired Aeronautics
  • The combination of Rafael’s vast know-how of mission payloads, advanced datalink systems and C4ISR components coupled together with Aeronautics’ successful Orbiter family of products places their UAS solutions at the forefront of this day and age complex operational requirements
  • And in those complex operational requirements the key phrase regarding sensor capability is indeed WAPS – wide area persistent surveillance
  • The operational requirement is to enlarge the effective area of operations that a single UAV can handle at a given time rather than the standard “looking through a straw” capability with a standard EOIR payload
  • Covering larger areas of interest with various appropriate sensors is the natural evolution for UAS
  • The Orbiter 4 is a true STUAS platform that has officially proven more than 24 hours of flight endurance – See “Orbiter 4 performs 25 hour flight”
  • The combination of the MicroLite, Orbiter 4 with other advanced Rafael sub-systems and mission sensors enables a true long endurance, cost-effective, capable mission solution for wide area monitoring on multiple levels of operational requirements

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