Sky Power Introduces New Heavy Fuel UAS Engine

Sky Power Introduces New Heavy Fuel UAS Engine – link

Source: UST

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  • Sky Power, a manufacturer of 2-stroke internal combustion and Wankel engines for UAS has announced the launch of SP-210 HF FI TS, a heavy fuel engine based on the company’s SP-210 FI TS gasoline UAS engine
  • The new engine runs on a kerosene-oil mix of 50:1 using JET A, JET A1 or JP-8, and is based on a new approach to heavy fuel technology developed by Sky Power
  • This new HF technology can also be used to upgrade Sky Power’s existing SP-210 series of gasoline engines. Customers selecting a configuration for a Sky Power UAS propulsion system can thus now choose between different fuel types, in addition to generators, starter-generators, power supplies and hybrid options

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