New IAI Heron Version Unveiled

IAI to Unveil the HERON MK II UAV at Singapore Airshow – link

Source: Defence Talk

HERON MK II, a Multi Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Article Headlines

  • The HERON MK II is an updated model of the HERON UAV, which is used by the Israeli Air Force and is operational with over 20 other organizations worldwide
  • As a member of the HERON family, the HERON MK II has a significant appeal to HERON customers around the world as it operates under the same operational concepts
  • Fitted with a Rotax 915 iS engine, the HERON MK II can reach an altitude of 35,000 feet, a maximum speed of 140 knots and can remain in the air for 45 consecutive hours
  • Due to improved manufacturing technologies, the HERON MK II has a wider and stronger body structure, allowing for quick and easy maintenance without adding to its weight
  • The HERON MK II enables new configurations, has long-range observation sensors and radars, and can carry a wide range of additional payloads such as: ELINT, COMINT and more
  • The standout feature of the HERON MK II is its ability to perform Standoff Capability, gathering intelligence from tens of kilometers away without crossing borders, thanks to its ability to carry larger and improved sensors.

Overview & Comments

  • IAI obtains an impressive portfolio of UAS systems spanning over all categories from group 1-5
  • This upgraded version of the Heron 1 will grant the system sustainability and relevancy for the company’s prime system for additional years to come as the MALE market is getting crowded with new manufacturers
  • The addition in power with regards to the engine upgrade is mandatory in order to compete with other systems in the category such as Elbit’s Hermes 900 HFE Starliner

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