MQ-1C Multidomain capabilities

General Atomics demos Gray Eagle’s role in multidomain ops – link

Source: Defense News

The U.S. Army demonstrated the ability to pass around control of a Gray Eagle unmanned aircraft system, like the one pictured here, using a networked system in August 2019. General Atomics continues to demonstrate the drone's utility in multidomain operations through internal investment. (Courtesy of the U.S. Army)

Article Headlines

  • General Atomics announced it has demonstrated the MQ-1C’s capability in future warfare
  • Such systems include long-range precision fires, or LRPF, technology under development by the U.S. Army as it looks to modernize its weapons and equipment to fight in highly contested and strongly defended environments
  • The company equipped the UAS with the Lynx Block 30A Long Range SAR/GMTI to spot military targets up to a range of 75 kilometers
  • The sensor, according to the company, can be used as a GMTI to detect moving, dismounted targets, and it is functional in maritime environments as well as over land, making it a true multidomain capability
  • MDO, or Multi-Domain Operations, is the Army’s key war-fighting concept that focuses on countering peer adversaries like Russia and China
  • It’s currently being shaped into official doctrine and is guiding the service’s major modernization strategy

Overview & Comments

  • The key phrase regarding sensor capability is WAPS – wide area persistent surveillance
  • The operational requirement is to enlarge the effective area of operations that a single UAV can handle at a given time rather than the standard “looking through a straw” capability with a standard EOIR payload
  • Covering larger areas of interest by a single UAV with various appropriate sensors is the natural evolution for UAS as the need for faster and a more operationally effective capability is needed in today’s modern warfare

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