New SATCOM Terminal by Orbit Communications

New Multi-Role Ka-Band SATCOM Terminal Launched – link

Source: UST

Article Headlines

  • Orbit Communication Systems have announced the development of a new Ka-band multi-purpose airborne terminal – MPT 30WGX
  • Designed to deliver high-throughput wideband communications via the Inmarsat Global Xpress worldwide network for airborne platforms such as UAVs
  • The compact, lightweight terminal features a 30-cm (12″) antenna and is intended to fulfill “anytime, anywhere” connectivity requirements
  • It is a complementary product to Orbit’s 46-cm (18″) MPT 46WGX terminal, which is due to enter full-scale production in the near future
  • Once certified, the MPT 46WGX will also be optimized for use with Inmarsat’s Global Xpress system and will be interoperable with military Ka-band services

Overview & Comments

  • From initial high-end requirements the SATCOM capability is quickly becoming a must on modern systems of almost all categories
  • While naturally MALE / HALE systems are the legacy users, small tactical systems are the up and coming adopters of SATCOM capability
  • Systems such as Insitu’s Integrator ER or Aeronautics’ Orbiter 4, both with impressive endurance capabilities, can incorporate SATCOM and operate far beyond BLOS, or low behind natural concealments, with a capable payload suite enabling mission productivity and capability similar, and in some cases, preferable compared to other MALE UAVs

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