MALE requirement for the Czech Republic

Czech Army Creates Unmanned Systems Battalion – link

Source: UAS Vision

Article Headlines

  • The Czech army has launched its new 533 Unmanned Systems Battalion
  • All of the army’s pilotless systems will be integrated into this newly formed battalion
  • They include the American made RQ-11B Raven and the ScanEagle
  • Within a space of two years the army will begin the purchasing process for a heavier drone weighing up to 1,200 kilograms
  • According to Czech Television, the new drone will also carry systems capable of electronic warfare
  • The new battalion will eventually reach the size of 300 service members
  • While the unit is expected to reach basic operational capability by October, it will only become fully operational by January 2025

Overview & Comments

  • The main headline within the article is the need for a MALE UAS up to 1200 kg
  • The Czech Republic will most likely look in the direction of western systems as this is the tendency at this stage and already acquired American mini systems
  • If that will be the case the leading companies, most likely, will be Israeli manufacturers due to the wide variety of systems they offer at this category, while the American Predator XP might also be an option

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