New three-engine large Chinese UAV

World’s first large, three-engine drone takes to sky – link

Source: Global Times

Developed by Chengdu-based Tengden Technology Co, the world's first large, three-engine utility drone makes its first flight in Southwest China on January 16. Photo: CNS photo

Article Headlines

  • Developed by Chengdu-based Tengden Technology Co, the drone took off and landed on Thursday morning at an airfield in Southwest China, marking its successful maiden flight
  • The drone is a three-engine variant of Tengden’s twin-engine TB Twin-tailed Scorpion
  • The drone has a width of 20 meters and a length of 11 meters
  • It is equipped with three piston engines, with one under each wing and one on its tail, enabling it to have a maximum takeoff weight of 3.2 tons and an endurance of 35 hours
  • The drone has a flight ceiling of 9,500 meters, a max climb rate of 10 meters a second and a top speed of more than 300 kilometers an hour
  • Because the drone uses piston engines, which are low cost but have long lifespans, it is also very cost efficient
  • The extra engine makes this new drone more powerful, capable of carrying more payload and taking off at shorter ranges, this enables the drone to be used for a wider range of purposes, such as logistics and transport, in addition to traditional drone purposes including patrols, reconnaissance and attack

Overview & Comments

  • The system is another show of China’s advancements over the years in manufacturing UAS systems
  • The size of this UAV shouldn’t come as a surprise as China introduced systems in most categories
  • Recently unveiling the GJ-11 with supposed stealth capabilities
  • The Chinese rise in UAS export is a fascinating issue as it is an issue worth researching in depth as Chinese systems are quickly filling the gap in leading markets over other, up-till-date, industry leaders, especially American & Israeli systems
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