Looking Back At 2019: Unmanned Aircraft

Looking Back At 2019: Unmanned Aircraft – link

Source: Aviation Week

Article Headlines

  • The following are Aviation Week’s main UAS highlights of 2019
  • Bell flies cargo hauling APT70
  • Boeing’s Loyal Wingman
  • Kratos XQ-58A flies
  • Airbus Skyways resupplies ship
  • Zipline expand in Africa
  • Wing begins commercial deliveries
  • Turkey flies Aksungur
  • Amazon Prime unveiled
  • Boeing flies MQ-25 demonstrator
  • Hawk30 HAPS flies
  • Volocopter unveils cargo drone
  • Airbus flies VSR700
  • NATO’s AGS arrives
  • Turkey’s Akinci flies

Overview & Comments

  • In addition to the important events in the article there are a few more worth mentioning
  • Russia’s S-70 – First flight of the Sukhoi S-70 UCAV which was immediately followed by a “Loyal Wingman” demonstration with the Su-57
  • China’s Sharp Sword UCAV entered service
  • China revealed the GJ-11 stealth UAV in a military parade
  • Successful fire trials for the GBU-69/B and Hatchet munitions on the MQ-1C that will enable the system to engage targets at a further range (GBU-69/B) and attack smaller targets that do not require existing munitions with the Hatchet thus lowering collateral damage and costs
  • Although the following events have occurred recently in January 2020 it is worth mentioning due to the proximity of events: Leonardo conducts first flight of the Falco Xplorer and first flight for Dynetics’ X-61 for the Gremlins program
  • Video – Unveiling of the GJ-11

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