EMT's Luna NG reviled in Pakistan

Pakistan Navy inducts LUNA NG UAVs and second ATR-72 MPA – link

Source: Jane’s

The PN inducted several aerial platforms on 4 January, including an ATR-72 MPA, an ATR-72 in “cargo/para-drop” configuration, and at least two LUNA NG UAVs. Source: Pakistan Navy

Article Headlines

  • The Pakistan Navy inducted several aerial platforms on January 4th in a ceremony held at Naval Air Station PNS Mehran in Karachi
  • Among the platforms were at least two LUNA NG UAVs from German manufacturer EMT

Overview & Comments

  • Pakistan operates different types of UAS, mostly Chinese or locally manufactured (a few of them also based on Chinese systems), thus as the Luna NG is not the first western UAS system in the Country (ie Scaneagle), it is still rare
  • The Luna NG is a small tactical system with an MTOW of 110 kg with up to 12 hrs of endurance currently operated by the German Army
  • Unveiled here by the Pakistani Navy, the system can operate from maritime vessels via a catapult for takeoff and a net landing for recovery

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