Possible Unmanned Nuclear Bombers Planned in Russia

Will Russia’s nuclear-armed bombers in 2040 be drones? – link

Source: C4ISR

When the Tu-95 was first flown, tail guns were a key part of bomber self-defense. When its replacement flies, not having a human crew on board might be a standard feature. (Zimin Vasily / Wikimedia Commons)

Article Headlines

  • Speaking to a newspaper in December, Lt. Gen. Sergey Kobylash of the Russian Aerospace Forces stated that Russia would have a sixth-generation strategic bomber by 2040, and that this strategic bomber would already be unmanned
  • Russia’s main strategic bombers, the Tu-95 and its maritime counterpart the Tu-142, entered service in 1956, and are expected to serve until the 2040s
  • When the United States announced plans for its latest bomber generation, it included the possibility of the B-21 bomber being“optionally manned,” a capability that would lend flexibility and possibly endurance to conventional bombing missions (In 2014, an Air Force roundly rejected the notion of the B-21 carrying nuclear payloads without human crew on board)

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