New Turkish large UAV to enter service in 2020

Delivery Of Aksungur Combat Drones To Turkey In Jan 2020 – link

Source: Defense World, 31/12/2019

Article Headlines

  • Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) is set to deliver the new Aksungur combat drones, derived from TAI’s Anka, to Turkey in January 2020
  • Aksungur has a 750-kilogram carrying capacity, a sharp upgrade from the 200-kilogram capacity of the earlier model, Anka
  • The twin-engine-powered model took 18 months to create, the report said. The aircraft has a mission endurance window of around 24 hours and will be able to fly to 40,000 feet. The armed forces are expected to use Aksungur in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions

Overview & Comments

  • Whether a coincidence or not, this news is brought just a few days after the news that Baykar Makina’s new Akinci system will enter service later in 2020. See “The Akinci – Turkey’s largest UAV takes flight” 
  • Turkey’s fast growing UAS industry is a one to be admired but more so should be followed closely
  • Only a decade ago the country was still buying & leasing systems form foreign countries while today there are two leading companies, Turkish Aerospace Industries and Baykar Makina, which their MALE systems are fully operational
  • Even on the international market the Bayrakter TB2 was purchased by Ukraine and Qatar
  • TAI is aggressively marketing its Anka system to potential users such as Indonesia and other South Eastern Asian countries and almost sealed a contract in Egypt before the last change in regimes
  • Even when taking in consideration the vast experience gained by previous systems, developing one in the magnitude of the Aksungur & Akinci is no easy task especially in today’s very competitive market making TAI & Baykar Makina competitors in an already tight arena with an aggressive US push from the West, sweeping sales of Chinese systems from the East, regional developments such as the EuroMALE and a deep grip by Israeli systems in their legacy markets

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