Russia Develops 2 indegenous payloads for the Forpost-R (Searcher Mk II)

Forpost UAV will replace Israeli payload on new Russian systems – link

Source: information Agency

Article Headlines

  • GOES-4 is a 32 kg EOIR payload which includes a laser rangefinder-illuminator
  • GOES-540 is a 30 kg EOIR with a laser rangefinder
  • The new payloads will replace IAI TAMAM’s MOSP

Overview & Comments

  • Russia’s UAS fleet is on a constant rise
  • In 2011 190 UAVs were reported to be in stock
  • By the end of 2018 there were approximately 1800 (from all categories)
  • In the beginning of the decade Russia had acquired numerous systems from foreign manufacturers, mostly from Israel – IAI’s Searcher Mk II, BirdEye 400 as well Aeronautics’ Aerostar and Orbiter – to establish a foundation of technology
  • Since then local companies have locally manufactured these systems (i.e. Forpost-R or Zala’s 421-16E5)
  • On the larger scale Russia is quickly advancing with MALE systems such as the Orion-E, Altius-M and the S-70 UCAV which initially flown these year
  • Unlike other up and coming manufacturers, Russian weapon systems are well placed around the globe even within modern strategic countries such as India, thus Russia’s advance in technology and export efforts in the UAS market should be taken into full consideration

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