Sense-and-Avoid systems developed for heavy lift drones

Sense-and-Avoid systems developed for heavy lift drones – link

Source: UST

Article Headlines

  • Griff Aviation, an unmanned aerial systems (UAS) specialist, has announced that it has partnered with engineering and design consultancy Plextek to integrate micro radars and sensors onto heavy lifting drones, enabling them to navigate in complex environments
  • Griff Aviation UAVs are designed to carry payloads of up to 250kg for a wide range of applications, such as moving building equipment and materials across harsh terrain including mountainous and forested landscapes
  • Plextek’s electronic-scanning (e-scan) micro radar and advanced software have been optimised for use on drones. Operating in the 60 GHz mm-waveband, the e-scan radar is capable of detecting hazards such as power lines from up to 60 metres as well as buildings, bridges, vegetation and other objects both in front of and beneath the drone, at ranges of up to 300m and with angular resolution
  • The system also provides day and night, all-weather sensing. Because the 60GHz band is licence-exempt in most territories, the micro radar can be freely used and is unlikely to cause interference with other equipment on board the UAV or in close proximity

Overview & Comments

  • Sense-and-Avoid and/or Detect-and-avoid systems will very much assist in incorporating UAS in the civilian delivery / cargo market already taking operational form with industry leaders such Wing, Drone Delivery Canada, Amazon and more
  • However, large cargo drones capable of tens & hundreds of kg in payload weight are still relatively lagging behind smaller delivery drone technology (capable of just a few kg)
  • Griff Aviation is a pioneer in such a weight capability
  • According to the company, the Griff 135 can lift up to 75 kg of maximum payload with an endurance of 45 minutes with a 30 kg payload
  • The Griff Guardian can lift up to 150 kg for about 25 minutes

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