New customer for Insitu's ScanEagle

Brazilian Navy details ScanEagle UAS acquisition – link

Source: Jane’s

Article Headlines

  • The Brazilian Navy is acquiring Insitu’s ScanEagle through the US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme, with a letter of offer and acceptance (LOA) signed with the US government on 11 December
  • The system is scheduled to be delivered in 2020
  • The package for Brazil comprises of six UAVs, one pneumatic rail launcher, one recovery system, two mobile ground-control stations, one flight-training system, and one image-debriefing system
  • Several training services and five years of contractor logistics support are also included in the deal

Overview & Comments

  • The LATAM UAS market is one that in recent years is in a decline especially with regards to larger tactical / MALE systems
  • There are no large acquisition programs planned with current opportunities comprising mostly from a few isolated Group 1-3 systems requirements with emphasis on the maritime domain
  • Aside from Colombia there is no other known presence for the company in South America, thus, Brazil is a strategic country for Insitu to obtain a stronger grip in the continent

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