New version for Raytheon's Coyote Loitering Munition

Raytheon readies new multirole Coyote – link

Source: Jane’s

Article Headlines

  • An evolved version of the Coyote is nearing completion with a schedule of flight tests through 2020
  • The new Block 3 version can be fitted with a range of effector payloads and a MOSA design
  • Coyote Block 3 is a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) evolution of the earlier Coyote Block 1 in operational service with the US Army

Overview & Comments

  • Similar to Aerovironment, outside of the US Raytheon is competing with competitors, notably Israeli companies like Elbit Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries, Rafael Advanced Defense ­Systems and UVision, with relatively more mature systems
  • In contrast to Aerovironment, in the US too the company lacks the experience Aerovironment obtained in loitering munitions which grants a certain advantage in designing larger systems in this category of weapon systems
  • However, Raytheon’s rich portfolio of precise guided munitions, such as the Javelin, of-course contributes to the technology needed for such a system
  • Previously, as was reported, the company had a partnership with UVision

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