Armed Quadro-copter drones for the Turkish Army

Turkish army to get Asisguard Songkar drones armed with machine gun – link

Source: Army recognition

The Songar armed drone manufactured by Turkish company Asisguard is armed with a 5.56mm machine gun (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Article Headlines

  • The Songar armed drone system is the first Turkish-made automatic shooting stabilized armed drone
  • The Songar drone is armed with a machine gun
  • It can carry out missions within a 10km range, at an operational altitude of 2,800 meters MSL
  • The Songar armed drone is equipped with a specially-designed flexible ammunition belt and an automatic firing mechanism
  • It can carry 200 rounds of 5.56 x 45mm rounds
  • The 25kg drone flies thanks to eight rotors mounted on four masts
  • Its machine gun carries 200 rounds of ammunition and can fire single shots or 15-round bursts
  • As it is hard for a drone to shoot accurately, partly because of the difficulty of judging range and angle, and partly because the recoil from each shot significantly moves the drone, affecting the aim for the next round. Songar has two systems to overcome these challenges
  • One uses sensors, including cameras and a laser rangefinder, to calculate distance, angle and wind speed, and work out where to aim
  • The second is a set of robot arms that move the machine gun to compensate for the effects of recoil
  • Asisguard claims Songar has an accuracy that corresponds to hitting a 15-centimeter area from 200 meters

Overview & Comments

  • Micro, mini & even small armed drones are not new, as very low-tech systems were introduced i.e. ISIS’ grenade dropping drones
  • What makes this system special is its accurate aim, according to the company
  • Pending on its actual accuracy the system has a potential to be a true close air support for the “lone soldier” / small ground support with all the advantages of a personal ISR asset with the ability to quickly neutralize a potential threat without the necessity of another external element in the strike
  • Thus, there is true potential within special forces but due to its estimated low cost in relation to other ISR assets there is no doubt it will see use in standard infantry forces

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