Argentina develops rotary-wing UAS for naval operations

Argentina develops rotary-wing UAS for naval operations – link

Source: Jane’s

  • Argentine company INVAP is working with the national helicopter manufacturer Cicaré on the development of the UAV
  • The UAV, which is to be geared towards maritime operations, will be an autonomous, compact, and tactical medium-range shipborne system that can operate in severe weather conditions: the aircraft’s materials and components are protected against corrosion, rain, and strong winds
  • Powered by two piston-engines, the UAV weighs 80 kg with a modular payload system; has a top speed of 95 km/h; and an endurance of six hours
  • The platform is billed as providing an ‘over-the-horizon’ surveillance capability for surface vessels
  • Argentina obtains a certain history in designing and manufacturing UAS for local use however none have entered operational service up to this point
  • Argentina’s Fábrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA) Vigia 2A tactical system weighing at 380 kg
  • The Aukan weighing up to 100 kg
  • Argentina operates IAI’s Bird Eye 400 / 650 mini UAS for border control operations

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