Elbit System's Hermes 900 HFE Debuts in Switzerland

Drone Presented at Emmen – link

Source: Defense Aerospace

The Swiss defense procurement agency presented its new Hermes 900 HFE unmanned reconnaissance aircraft on Dec .9, but because Israel has not yet certified it is not authorized to fly. (Armasuisse photo)

Article Headlines

  • After the acquisition in 2015 the first of six UAVs was presented at Emmen Air Force Base
  • The last if the six is scheduled to be delivered in 2021

Overview & Comments

  • The HFE variant is designed to meet the high requirements of the Swiss project with emphasis on civilian licensed
  • Like General Atomics’ MQ-9B CPB, Elbit Systems understood the importance of regulating their systems to be able to operate within various countries, especially potential western clients in Europe
  • As more regulations will be settled those requirements will be the new norm that the industry will need to address
  • Another company following suite, for example, is Leonardo with the new Falco Xplorer being already initially developed to meet the needed regulation requirements to operate within Europe
  • However, meeting the certain requirements is an expensive task while still the larger portion of the potential market are countries without harsh regulations (if any at all), countries that are “taken over” by Chinese UAS systems filling the gap in a very impressive rate
  • Strategically looking forward, at this day & age, it is mandatory to understand the market landscape, requirements & potential in order to accurately direct the various technological developments and marketing efforts with regards to the various regulation needs of target markets
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