Poland's WB Group penetrating the UAS market in South America

Expodefensa 2019: WB Group makes first appearance at convention – link

Source: Jane’s

WB Group’s Flyeye mini-UAV on display at Expodefensa 2019. Source: Jane’s/Pat Host

Article Headlines

  • The company made its first appearance at the Expodefensa 2019 exhibition in Bogota
  • The company stated that it has sold a Flyeye system within the region
  • The Flyeye is a mini platform that spans across Group 1 and 2 categories of systems
  • The UAV’s maximum takeoff weight is 11 kg with a maximum payload weight of 4 kg

Overview & Comments

  • With sales mostly within Poland in regard to UAV systems WB Group is reaching out to new markets such as Latin America
  • The LATAM UAS market is one that in recent years is in a decline especially with regards to larger tactical / MALE systems
  • There are no large acquisition programs planned with current opportunities comprising mostly from a few isolated Group 1-3 systems requirements with emphasis on the maritime domain

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