Spain's Aertec Solutions Arms the Tarsis 25 & Tarsis 75 Systems

Expodefensa 2019: Aertec Solutions offers armament capable Tarsis 25 UAV – link

The Tarsis 25 can be used with these Aertec-developed semi-active laser-guided micro missiles that have a range of about 5 km. Two Tarsis 25 aircraft are required to carry out a strike mission. Source: Jane’s/Pat Host

Article Headlines

  • With a maximum payload of 5 kg the Tarsis 25 can potentially carry only one micro missile thus needing at least 2 AVs for the designation & strike
  • The Tarsis 75 on the other hand can execute a strike on its own with a maximum payload capacity of 12 kg
  • The Micro Missile displayed weighs approximately 4-5 kg with a range of 5 km

Overview & Comments

  • Armed UAS are an existing fact and a backbone of modern weapons with constant growing requirements and actual acquisitions
  • However, the smallest systems armed at this point are in the tactical / MALE category and above
  • Although the idea of arming mini or small tactical systems is not new there is still no recorded program
  • As small tactical systems will gain more momentum in the market there is no doubt that arming a 10-20 kg of payload capable system is just a matter of time as these systems will obtain the capability to solely complete a pinpoint strike, from designation to weapon release, at potential BLOS (SATCOM) ranges
  • Modern small munitions, such as the Hatchet or Fury, are an example of small munitions that can be integrated in the systems

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