Indian Air Force UAV Crashes

Indian Air Force Drone Crash – link

Source: UAS Vision

Article Headlines

  • The UAV crashed in the Soniptur district
  • The exact variant is not known


Overview & Comments

  • India is an extensive UAS user spreading throughout all major military branches
  • The backbone of their fleets are Israeli systems – primarily IAI systems such as the Heron and Searcher
  • There are relatively a large number of UAS accidents in India, however it is also necessary to take their actual daily operational use and the geographic environment in which they are operated in
  • Not all accidents are weather, topography or operationally related thus adopting new systems or capabilities to existing systems that are more fit for today’s various mission scenarios, threats and operational environments is another potential key to penetrate the mostly closed Indian UAS market
  • Previous accidents include
    • Sept 2019 – Rustom 2
    • April 2018 – Heron
    • March 2018 – Heron
    • December 2017 – Heron
    • November 2017 – Searcher
    • August 2017 – Heron
    • April 2017 – N/A

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