Russia develops second “loyal wingman” project

MiG Confirms Unmanned Wingman Project for MiG-35 – link

Multifunctional frontline fighter MiG-35 at the International aviation and space salon MAKS-2019

Article Headlines

  • Russia’s leading aircraft manufacturer has said it is developing a new type of an aircraft complex based on high-speed drones that can be used in concert with advanced MiG-35 lightweight fighter jets and other warplanes
  • The design of the new aircraft complex was inspired by high-speed armed drones. The UCAV is expected to have “high combat potential”and be “used within a single system with MiG-35s as well as other aircraft complexes” 

Overview & Comments

  • This is the second “loyal wingman” project in Russia
  • The first one, also revealed in 2019, is the S-70 which already conducted a manned-unmanned teamed (MUM-T) flight with the Su-57 a few months back
  • The S-70 performed its first flight just in the previous August but already proved very basic capabilities just a month later with the Su-57Photo: Global Look Press / Komsomolskaya Pravda

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